2020 Locgicians: @bella_locs⭐

Continuing our Locgician series, where we discuss loc tips with loc stylist @bella_locs


Name: Stephanie Thomas

Location: Clermont , FL

Account: @bella_locs

Followers: 10K

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Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Stephanie. I'm originally from Jersey city with a Haitian background 🇭🇹. I’m pretty chill. I enjoy traveling, going out to eat, listening to music, laughing etc the simple things in life. I quit my job 2 years ago and decided I wanted to give the lock life my all. So here I am...

Best known for: Two strand twist & loc ropes 😎 I kill them every time‼️

Favorite hashtags: #bellalocs & #goodlocday you’ll always see this in my tags.

Who I'm following: I’m following literally everyone but some of my favorite are @bqualitylocs, @styledbymike, @hairbyrelle, @freshloc, @justlocs, @locsbylokelo, @naturalcentric, @shellyloc it’s way too many to name but these are some of my favorites.

Tips for best results: Post a lot of good content, be consistent, be mindful, focus, take advice, don’t be scared just do it.

Most viral post:

How social media has changed my life : Welp, I must say it has changed my life in an incredible way. Social media has allowed me to share my creativity with 10k people all around the world. What more can I ask for.

What I love most about being a loc stylist: Freedom and space to do me and in the process I get to make my clients happy. I’ve never felt a feeling like this especially when I was working a regular 9/5.

The first time I was featured on a Good Loc Day: Mannnnn...the day that I was featured on a Good Loc Day, I was sooooooooo ecstatic. I can’t even find the words to explain how I felt. I kept watching other stylists being featured on these platforms and wondered when it would be my turn or if I would even get a turn. And BOOM, I was featured. I was grateful. I was appreciative and forever will be thankful because you guys gave me a chance. No politics, no popularity I was featured because of my work. Good old-fashioned hard work.

Thank you, @bella_locs

We appreciate you for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your loc tips.

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  • Yesss! You are an amazing stylist. You have a wonderful heart, please stay gracious.

    Briana Holmes

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