Our Most Popular Instagram Reels Of 2022 🎉

From loc inspiration to loc appreciation, check out our list to see which posts were the most liked of 2021 on @goodlocday's Instagram.

1. Our most popular post slid in the number one spot with 65K likes, reach 896K and 1170 comments. This video by @tagsource spent 3 weeks at number one during 2022.

You want to know makes GOOD LOC DAY feel like 2022 was the best year ever? 100,000 amazing pictures and videos hashtag #GOODLOCDAY on Instagram!

Our more than 94.2K followers consistently intrigue with loc inspirational before and afters, creative locstyles, and tutorials. Here's a glance back at 10 of our most liked posts of 2022.

2. @boomlumbus


3. @sarahjuliana__


4. @bbreezy.fajardo


5. @ tiktok ceejayy3ss


 6. @drmarylifestylenp


7. @shoslocstudios


8. @ladybritv


9. @chrismiss_


10. @_bettyboopofficial



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