Our Most Viewed Videos of 2021 🎥

Check out the hottest locstyles and inspirational videos of 2021!


This loc ACV rinse post made everyone wish they could scratch and sniff by @twistedbytiff slid in the number one spot receiving more than 21K likes, 263K views, 408K reach and 267 comments was our most viewed post of the year!

What we love about creating content for GOOD LOC DAY is the opportunity to shed a light on both new and seasoned locticians and loc lovers by featuring  on our page and sharing to our more than 82+ followers! Here are our top ten for the month from our Instagram from 2021.

2. @_macrosee


 3. @ballislife


 4. @see.chell




6. @tag source


7. @mairisoc


 8. @nechelesgiftedtouch


9. @kweenvigilant_ 


10. @_ririlocs




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