Top 10 Most Liked Posts This Week 😍

This style from @lalahmusic was our most-liked post of the week; it has more than 4,748 likes and 49 comments.

On the off chance that you went through the past week planning dishes for Thanksgiving, traveling or investing time absent from your phone and together with your family, you might have missed a few of our favorite posts we included on Instagram. Fortunately, we've assembled our best-performing looks from the past week and highlighted them below. However, this concludes our weekly top posts. Stay tuned for the most engaged posts of 2019. Here are our top ten for the week from our Instagram from Nov 24-30, 2019.

 2. @lysslowe 


3. @blaacmamba


4. @naturallyy_you 


5. @alljhazdupmua & @idajohnphoto


6. @jaciescott


7. @jahlocsofficial


 8. @marie.carmel


9. @madebybabes


10. @stylemeupnee_


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