2020 Locgicians: @staytunedsalon⭐

Continuing our Locgician series, where we discuss loc tips with loc stylist @staytunedsalon


Name: Aneesha Williams

Where are you located?
I’m based in Dallas.

IG and Twitter-@staytunedsalon
Facebook- staytunednaturalhair

Tell us a little about yourself:
Hey y’all, I’m Aneesha Williams. Licensed Cosmetologist, 21 years of experience. Mother, wife, HBCU graduate - shout out to Texas Southern University! Texas native. Fellow “Loc rocker” of 20 years.

How did you get started?
I’ve been doing hair since I was a teenager. But I’ve been a licensed professional since 1999. I’ve loved hair since I could remember. I went to beauty school while I was pregnant with the twins. Got licensed and the rest is history. 😊

Best known for:
My clients default setting is ropes, they’re versatile and long lasting. So, definitely a great bang for the buck.😊 Loc petal buns, barrel Loc updos are also client faves.

Favorite apps: 
I don’t have a favorite app. I just drop the pic in Ig. My IG and FB pages are linked. So pics post to both. I do like the “sharpen” feature for making pics more detailed.

Favorite hashtags:
#goodlocday #locs #locstyles #dallaslocs #houstonlocs #staytunedsalon #locjourney 

Who I’m following: 
Omg, where do i start. So many amazing pages- I love Erykah Badu, Myleik Steele, ObeyTheCrown LocBar and my latest favorite Mahdi Woodard to name a few.

Most viral post:
There’s a pic of one of my clients with an orange/red color and my signature pony that made its rounds. I’ve seen it on Pinterest numerous times. But my daughters locs are always a hit when posted. I started them when she was 4, she’s 21 now.

How social media changed my life: I’m from the old school when we used to pass out cards at malls and wherever I saw a potential client but social media has made it easier to display my work to a larger audience. The use of hashtags and ability to get in front of potential clients in “real time” is a great advantage. 

What I love most about being a loc stylist?
I have served hundreds (literally) of clients since 1999. And I can honestly say that it makes you more human - I see myself in a lot of my clients, it makes me gentler with humanity. I’ve done hair for clients in all stages of life - mothers giving birth, folks going on job interviews, photo shoots, funerals, dates, weddings and to be called upon in every season of someone’s life is such an honor and humble place. I have clients that are family now- they’ve watched my kids grow up literally and I have watched them grow as well.

Shampoo/Conditioner of choice:
I love Tea Tree shampoos, I’m not a fan of conditioners due to their potential to build up in the locs but I do like a water based leave in or a good hot oil treatment.

Most relied on loc product and/or tool:
I am keen on maintenance of the entire loc. So I use my fingers for fine detailing. Also my Stay Tuned Loc Butter for starting and retwisting locs and Stay Tuned Hair and Body Oils for moisture- are staples in maintenance. Both available on my website at www.staytunednaturalhaircare.com

Tips for newbies:
I’m sure you’ve heard it before but patience is key and an experienced loctician to guide you through when you are uncertain. The journey is amazing and you learn so much about yourself and others along the way. Don’t stress too much because it’s going to eventually loc anyway. Be sure to moisturize your locs regularly to avoid dry, brittle locs that break. Try to avoid too much color, it can be drying.

The first time I was featured on GOOD LOC DAY was….
*May 16,2019


Thank you, @staytunedsalon

It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you so much for taking time out of out of your busy schedule to enlighten us with your loc tips.

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