2021 Locgicians: @twistedbytiff ⭐

Continuing our Locgician series, where we discuss loc tips with loc stylist @twistedbytiff.


Name: Tiffani

Location: Houston, TX

Followers: 3.6K

How can our followers find you? You can find me anywhere under twisted by tiff…

Facebook…tik tok…IG… also my booking is https://twistedbytiff.as.me/

Tell us a little about yourself: A little bit about me: I am 28 years young originally from NC. Self taught loctician going on 3 years. I was a former military spouse of 10 years that decided I needed to choose me in. The event of doing so, I was left in Texas me and my two kids wondering what where when and how. I was a federal employee for the army and it just wouldn’t suffice now that I am taking on a role as a single mother. I had to sit back and make a choice. So, I quit my federal job, and I followed what started out as a hobby and extra funds, to making it my career, my lifestyle... it is more than a job it’s a passion.

Best known for: My loc styles and my crocheting

Trendiest loc styles in your city: I wouldn’t know what’s the wave in Houston I just arrived this past summer I am still learning and adjusting to my surroundings ☺️

Tips for newbies: I tell people all the time it is more than just twisting hair I strongly believe technique and knowledge is so imperative.

What I love the most: I love seeing people embrace the culture of locs. It's not just a hairstyle, it’s a lifestyle. The smiles I put on their face after the unknown or nerves of not knowing if they will like it or not gives me the satisfaction knowing they are pleased and trust me with their hair.

Your first time featured on GOOD LOC DAY you went viral, you must be very pleased with the type of response it's getting? It all started honestly with your share of my video I’ve gained almost 2000 followers in just a short time and opportunities have been presenting me that I’m so grateful for.


Any Shout Outs: I would like to thank you for one. And a big shout out to somebody that has been in my corner every step of the way @summerbreeze_
Also to my best friend: @yazzyway_ she believed in me more than I believed in myself when relocating to a new city starting over.

Thank you, Tiffani!

We are so grateful for you taking time out of your busy schedule speaking with us and sharing your insights! 

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  • Hey I’m interested in your services. I have what to be considered med/long locs. Looking for a dedicated person to do my hair. I’m new to the area, I live off 1960 are you near there? Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Love your styles.

    Theresa Moore
  • Tiffani was the first person to start my starter locs. I didn’t believe I would last this long going on 3 years with my beautiful locs thanks to her. It’s the parts for me!

    Vanessa Brown
  • Tiffani is one of the best to ever do it.. And I know we will continue to see her shine and bless many heads!! 😝☺️

    India Smith

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