2020 Locgicians: @loc_n_kei⭐

Continuing our Locgician series, where we discuss loc tips with loc stylist @loc_n_kei

Name: Lakeia Simmons

Location: Arlington, Texas

Account: @loc_n_kei

Followers: 2267

Tell us a little about your self: I'm the owner of Loc N Kei in Arlington, Texas but the DFW know me pretty well. I've been doing locs, locs is not something thats new to me. What's new to me is actually jumping out on faith and doing locs as a career. I was always doing them on the side but if you would ask me 2 years ago would I be doing locs I would've told you no. But sometimes you gotta go through stuff with certain things just to live your actual dream. Now, like I said I'm only a year in. I thought my anniversary date was November 4th, it's actually November 19th with me quitting my job at the Post Office full time doing locs stepping out on faith.

Tips for newbies? Anybody that's upcoming and want to be a loctician, I will tell you follow your dreams and follow your passion. Don't follow the money because if you chase the money it'll wear you down but if you chase your passion, you wouldn't even see the money it'll be there. Chase your God given gift. I'm big on that. I'm big on believing in a God first, putting God first.

My favorite locstylesMy favorite loc style I really like all of them I really don't have no particular one but a lot of people like when I do my two strand twist I can get them done in 30 minutes or less, I use my all products, I've done my research. It's a lot of stuff that I know about locs, like a lot of people do locs but they don't have that loc knowledge of actually what they put in people hair. 

Most relied on loc product and/or toolEverything that I use is organic. It's mine and it cannot be found in no beauty supply stores or nothing. Everything is mine and it's black owned and now getting more female clients so now I'm getting in tune to the loc buns and all that.

Best known for: I'm real known for the loc extensions. I make the loc extensions, I install them and it's a lot of stuff that I do. Like I said I'm only a year in and only doing it full time and all ready over 800 clients by myself. I've done loc classes, I've done whole bunch of stuff. A lot of people tell me what I've done they never seen that before. It's still room for me to grow.

The first time I was featured on GOOD LOC DAY...My first day featured on GOOD LOC DAY was Friday the 13th last Friday and I was actually going through something with my back the day that they posted me. So, I'm like wow, let me delete all of this! My name is really getting out there. But I wanted to introduce ya'll to me, I'm Loc N Kei from Dallas, Texas. Follow on Instagram @loc_n_kei and on Facebook locnkei. Ya'll see my logo it says it's Kei time that's something my client came up with and we just took it and ran with it. Anybody that want to do locs or do anything if it's starting your own business anything I say do it but keep God first ya'll keep God first and everything else gonna follow. I'm Kei Time and yall have a good day. 

Thank you, @loc_n_kei

We are so grateful for your generosity today in spending time speaking with us and sharing your insights! 

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