2021 Locgicians: @hebmarri 🌟

Continuing our Locgician series, where we discuss loc tips with loc stylist @hebmarri.


Name: Mari 😊

Where are you located?
-Vallejo, CA

Account: IG @hebmarri

Followers: 950

Tell us a little about yourself:
Hey everyone, my name is Mari (Shamari)
I service the Bay Area in loc maintenance and styling. I’ve had locs 3 time and combed them out each time, but this time I’m here to stay lol My favorite hobbies are painting, making music, and designing jewelry.

Best known for:
The slick loc ponytail 😁

The trendiest loc style in your city:  
Two strand retwist

Fun Fact:
I was in advance music class in middle school lol (trumpet)🎺

Tips for newbies:
Make sure you’re happy with your loc foundation (grid), quite often people cut out due to not liking the consistency of their locs. Also keep your hair moisturized, (water, cream, and light oil)

Most viral post:
“Here’s how I slick my locs” 😂😂


What I love most about being a loc stylist?
I love healing people’s hair, when they come to me and express their joy during and after being serviced ❤️ that’s what I look for to every time. When I’m starting your locs I’m setting you up for life so every thing must be perfect. #cleanpartsonly

The first time I was featured on GOOD LOC DAY was….
MAY 18, 2021 Thank you Good Loc Day!!

Thank you, @hebmarri

We are so grateful for your generosity today in spending time speaking with us and sharing your insights! 

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