2020 Locgicians: Locdbylo ⭐

We are highlighting some of our favorite Locgician. This week we are chatting with @locdbylo.

Name: Locdbylo

Accounts: @locdbylo 

Salon: Richmond, VA

Best known for:
I would say I’m best known for my thick red and black locs. People compliment my color and thickness the most!

Followers: 3.3k

Favorite apps: I would say my favorite apps to use are Lensa it’s a selfie editing app and Videoshop for all my video edits for Instagram and YouTube, and I love Phonto for editing pics for my business page!

Favorite hashtags:
#goodlocday #locnation #naturallychicloc #locspiration #loclivin #livinmylocdlife

Who I’m following: @goodlocday, @naturallychiclocs, @loc_angiz, @loclivin, @loccandkeyy

Loc Tips: Take pics with good lighting, use your hashtags to gain exposure, engage with people, uplift, motivate and promote others, and spread love and it’ll be returned!

Most viral post:
The one in my yellow dress 😅, it got reposted a lot, probably because my hair was all down!

How social media changed my life:

Social media changed my life in a sense that I follow people that inspire me and are motivating and are relatable. Like I’d see certain people in my feed and I’d be like “Yesss sis do your thing, you looking beautiful and happy,” ... whole time this person is a complete stranger! But seeing their journeys and feeling excited for their life and connecting with them makes me feel like we’re friends! 

The first time I was featured on GOOD LOC DAY was….
In September of 2019, One of my pics was reposted and that was the first time I really started to get serious attention on my IG, that repost gave me major exposure, my pics started breaking 1,000 likes and I gained hundreds of followers and I’m like whoa what’s happening, lol this is awesome and it’s been that way ever since and I’m just excited for the opportunities I’m gaining because of that first repost! So thank you GoodLocDay! 💛

Thank you, LocdbyLo!

We are so grateful for your generosity today in spending time speaking with us and sharing your insights! 

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