2022 Locgician: @hair_by_akhir 🌟

Continuing our Locgician series, where we discuss loc tips with loc stylist @hair_by_akhir.

Name: Akhir or AK

Followers: 42K

Where are you located?
Based in ATL and I also work in LA on a regular basis

How can our followers find you?
You can find me on IG & Facebook under @hair_by_akhir and @str8truthnochaser on TikTok

Tell us a little about yourself:
First I am a wife and mother to 3 young men, and also a business owner. I’m [mostly] self taught stylist originally from New York. My mother taught me how to braid when I was a little girl, that’s why I say mostly, but I taught myself everything else from there. I’ve been doing hair for 15+ years now. When I relocated to Atlanta, I attended Aveda Institute to obtain my Master Cosmetologist License. Since then I’ve been dedicating myself to perfecting my craft.

Best known for: I’m best know for my clean partings and my intricate Loc designs.

The trendiest loc style in your city:  
I’ll have to say it’s probably a tie between the rope twist or two barrels going back. They’re both classics✨


Tips for newbies:
PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS! Oh my! There’s so many photos I see online and it drives me crazy because I can see where they were going with the styles but the execution failed due to them not paying attention to the details. Your parts should always be clean and if your doing color, the clients scalp/face should not be stained. Other than that, stay consistent and practice practice PRACTICE!! If it’s your passion, put your heart in it and take pride of your work. It will all come together and when it’s your time to shine you’ll be ready❤️

Most viral post:
I don’t even know anymore but I can say this platinum blonde starter loc style, got the ball really rolling and then this big detox job I posted, also made my page go crazy.




How social media changed my life?

Good question… Personally I’m still the same humble AK, but it showcased my work to thousands all over the world which I can truthfully say means the most to me. I have people fly in from all over just to get in my chair. Being booked for months at a time is a blessing, but to know how many people get to see my art daily and will do whatever it takes to experience it is priceless.



What I love most about being a loc stylist?
Everything! I love being able to change the stereotype for those with Locs. I love showing people that you can have Locs and look just as, if not more 😉, presentable than those with loose hair.


The first time I was featured on GOOD LOC DAY I was….
March of this year….thank you


Any shoutouts?
I’d like to shoutout all those stylist that contact me letting me know how much they’re inspired by me. They don’t know how much that motivated me to do better. Also, I’d like to shoutout my mom @prettysam623 for sharing her craft with me and my wife @rated_r.tist. My wife is the most talented, hard working, and professional barbers I know. I admire her dedication to making sure each client has an amazing experience when they come see her. She’s definitely worth the 5-star rating she has.

Thank you, @hair_by_akhir 

It was a pleasure speaking with you. Thank you so much for taking time out of out of your busy schedule.



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