Our 5 Popular Posts of the Week 💛

Here are the 5 most-liked posts on Good Loc Day. What was your favorite post of the week? 

This loc humor post by @wavvvy_ad slid in the number one spot receiving more than 4K likes, 173K plays and 73 comments was our most liked post of the week!

What we love about creating content for GOOD LOC DAY is the opportunity to shed a light on both new and seasoned locticians and loc lovers by featuring  on our page and sharing to our more than 91.5K followers! Here are our top five for the week from our Instagram from September 12-18, 2022.

 2. @krewkutz


3. @lawn_time_coming


4. @fredo.


5. @heartsofcreation


Check out @mostly rocking our LET YOUR LOCS DO THE TALKING TEE!



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