2021 Locgicians: @thelocdenhoustontx 🌟

Continuing our Locgician series, where we discuss loc tips with loc stylist @thelocdenhoustontx.

Name: Shenate’Lamar

Where are you located? Houston, Texas

Accounts: @TheLocDenhoustontx

Tell us a little about yourself: Hello I’m Shenate’Lamar 38 year old 2x salon owner and mother of two 👦🏾👧🏾. I’m originally from New York City been living in Houston Texas for the past 10 years. Currently working on expanding my brand of Loc Extensions and Loc care products.

Best known for: We are best known for educating our community and clients on proper loc care, maintenance, and overall natural hair health. We are also known for providing amazing Loc reconstructive transformations!

We are best known for our hand the lock extension as well as be in the best lock shop in Houston, Texas.

The trendiest loc style in your city: Right now the trendiest loc style in the city is ropes or some may refer 2 them as two strand twist

Most viral post: I’m not sure my most viral post I will have to go look at that.


Tips for newbies: The best advice I have for newbies is to seek a professional do not go and sit in someone’s kitchen I’ll have your mama brother cousin doing your hair because your foundation is gonna last with you throughout the lifetime of the locs.

The first time I was featured on GOOD LOC DAY... I was astonished just to know that people are really looking out for me in this industry.


Thank you, @thelocdenhoustontxl

We are so grateful for your generosity today in spending time speaking with us and sharing your insights!  

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